1. Inclined double-toggle clamping mechanism designed for stable operation and reliable die locks detime
2. The machining molds use ductile iron with properties of large rigidity, impact resistance and long lifetime
3. The precision process is performed twice for molds, toggle mechanism and other units by utilization of CNC machining center for higher precision Steel lag-gings take freezing assembly 
4. Process in order to secure accurate finishing and lifetime The die adjusting device is applicable for molds of different height
5. The volumetric centralized lubrication system will initiate alarms when the pressure and level of lubricant is below normal level
6. The injection component is based on pull-rod gantry structure which has been equipped with hydraulic automatic lift and 2-3 sets of hydraulic devices, range
7. Injection/pressurization rate uses 4-drive control with independent FAST pressure accumulator and die-casting parameters can be adjusted in a wide
Therefore, it is convenient and no interference to regulate injection or pressurization speed respectively
8.Pressurization signals are transferred through pressure transmitters so high repeatability and high stabity can be ensured for die-casting products.it isalso possible to select activation time for pressurization startup so two activation methods are available for different process demands  
9. Each oil cylinder uses imported seals with low fractional resistance and better sealing effect, the pressure and velocity of each oil cylinder can be set up through touch screen
10. Electric accessories are all from famous intemational brands which function sensitively, reliably and durably
Xinjiasheng die casting machine features
1 close die part
1.1 Design of oblique row double elbow clamping mechanism,stable operation, reliable mode locking.
1.2 the machine template is made of nodular cast iron QT450-10. The design is rigid, shock resistant and long service life.
1.3 the template, the curved cubits and so on, all use CNC machining center two finishing, high processing accuracy, steel sleeve using refrigeration installation process, guarantee the matching accuracy and service life.
1.4The curved cubits pin shaft adopts 38CrMoAlA ,through conditioning nitriding treatment, the sleeve adopts 20Cr, through carburizing quenching, ensure the shaft and suite wear resistance. 
 More than 950 tons of die-casting machine with the function is automatically inserted before the top of a tie bar , to facilitate the installation of the mold.
1.6 hydraulic motor driven die adjustment device to adapt to different mold thickness.
1.7 volume type Centralized lubrication pump has the function of Lubrication pressure undervoltage and low oil level alarm function
1.8 Tie bar to apply high-quality tin bronze.
1.9 medium and large close die casting machine adopts regenerative circuit, Mold speed, smooth operation, can improve the efficiency of the machine.

Technical Specification for Horizontal Cold Chamber Die-Casting Machine 

Chart for Die Mounting in Horizontal Cold Chamber Die-Casting Machine . 

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