A new type of scientific and technological achievements JS2600 Jiasheng aluminum magnesium alloy die casting machine and the signing of new products will be successful!
In June 22, 2008, the WuXi Municipal Science and Technology Bureau in Jiangyin City, hosted by the WuXi Xinjiasheng die casting machine manufacturing Co.,Ltd.The company developed the JS2600 type aluminum magnesium alloy horizontal cold chamber die casting machine "scientific and technological achievements appraisal. The Committee of experts listened to the company's development situation, inspected the production site and the prototype, after careful discussion the formation of expert opinions are as follows:

1.The technical information provided complete, unified, complete, meet the identification requirements.

2.JS2600 type aluminum magnesium alloy horizontal cold chamber die casting machine is mainly composed of frame, type, injection, hydraulic, electrical, lubrication, cooling and safety doors and other parts.The closing part adopts oblique toggle force amplifying mechanism, three plate castings with high quality ductile iron material and honeycomb structure design; the injection part adopts proportional valve control injection speed and pressure, and the use of independent accumulator, injection speed, pressure time is short; double pump hydraulic the implementation of hierarchical control system to drive and pressure. Safety and cleanliness of the use of the machine especially strengthen hydraulic oil, oil filter, hydraulic oil to increase the filtration system of two-stage filtration system and injection pressure proportional valve and oil filter independently; increase the accumulator safety protection system; strengthen the mechanical electrical interlock safety door and the type of action, and regional and regional institutions mould electro sensitive protective interlock.

3.The product by the National Foundry and metalforming machinery quality supervision and inspection center, the technical performance indicators are in line with the national standard GB/T 21269-2007, and the clamping force, injection speed, pressure time main performance parameters exceed the national standard GB/T 21269-2007.

4.The product is reasonable and compact in structure, perfect in function and safe to use. Technical indicators have reached the advanced level of domestic similar products. The appraisal committee unanimously agreed to pass the examination. Suggestion: perfect product line to meet market demand further.
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